About shungit

Shungit is a unique stone, in its purest form and  is found only  in one place of the world -  the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Apart from Karelia shungit can be found also in the Northern Caucasus and Kazakhstan. But that shungit  is not the same high quality as Shungit from Karelia, from Zazhoginskoe mine!

The constitution of Shungite from different places is not the same. It depends on the amount of carbon, fullerenes and several minerals. Therefore, all Shungit is different. The Shungit that you need, which has true medicinal properties, is produced in only one field - the Zazhoginsky in Karelia. The rest of the Shungit isn't interesting to us.

You may have red in Internet a lot of opinions about Shungit. Some people tell that it's just a rock with no special benefits.. Others bring their own examples of its successful usage and improvement. Who is right?

Both sides are right. They just talk about different kinds of Shungit.

Zazhoginsky Shungit has a high carbon content (30%), porosity, which allows you to "pull" on a hazardous substance, rich in mineral composition, contains a large number of fullerenes and high energy potential. It is black and gets your hands dirty - as a coal. If it is sanded, on its surface you may see silver or gold-colored "streaks".

Other kinds of Shungit are similar, but has a much lower figures. In appearance it is much more "pale", even a gray color, doesn't make your hands dirty . There is a small content of carbon (about 5%) in it , almost no fullerenes. The mineral composition is weak. Accordingly, it is almost never cleans water and the production of it do not have the energy. And usage of it in most cases do not make any sense.

The third type of Shungit - shungit slate. In its structure, it is also looks like a shungit, but actually it is not. This breed, which is mainly used in construction. Usually in the design. It is using for making covering material, as well as flagstone for putting some roads. To insist with it the water is impossible! If you make products of it, they will not bring any benefits.

So the price of each type of Shungit is different. As you may have guessed, it is different according to the quality of Shungit. Zazhoginsky - the most expensive. Shungit from other deposits is much cheaper. Schungit slate is almost free.

The trouble is that in the Internet all of the stones are called by one word - Shungit. Zazhoginsky Shungit or useless slate - all the "Shungit." And the price for it is very different. There may be the same products, but the price is different in 2-3 times. In some stores the price is 50 rubles a pyramid, in the other is 100. And the decisive price factor is not the greed of the seller - is the material from which the product is made of.

How to know about the quality of Shungit, before buying it?

First of all you shouldn't look for Shungit focusing on the best price. Low price is not the main advantage of this stone. Being more precise, it is the main reason to be attentive. The advantage of it - is the content of nutrients, a high percentage of carbon and fullerenes. Shungit for water can not cost less than 40-50 rubles per pack (1.1-1.3 euro). Otherwise we will have to sell it at a loss, that is on the contrary to common sense.

Before buying Shungit will be good to call the onlineshop and ask from which field the shungite on the site is. Do not ask, "Do you sell Zazhoginsky Shungit?", You can get a simply answer "Yes". Ask: "From what field the Shungit is?". Those who are serious about Shungit, know the types of Shungit and the fact that the only one is useful - Zazhoginsky.

If you decide to buy a tile made of natural shungite, be sure what you will find a stone tile from Kondopoga's plant. It produces a tile only of shungite slate. But again, everywhere is written that this tile is from shungite. To blame the plant is not necessary, because disinformation is made by intermediary companies.

You should notice where is the company-producer lokates. The company which sells Shungit should be in  Karelia. In other cities dealing with Shungit is not much profitable: because transportation cost will eat up all the profits. Or the price for Shungit in this companies is higher. If the price looks cheap - be very attentive! It means that it isn't Zazhoginsky Shungit, it is the other kind of stone.

Unfortunately, Shungit is not a  product which should be necessarily certificated. So it has no any certificates. The maximum that may be presented - is a certificate from the factory Carbon Shungit.

For our company this fact is frustrating, because we have seen companies which are trading for pennies by slate,
introducing customers to confusion, and we can not influence in these things.

Have you already bought Shungit? How to make sure that this is not a fake?

If you have already bought a Shungit, and want to test its quality, you should check it for the electrical conductivity. This is the surest way,becouse shungite is one of the few stones that can conduct electricity. No one other similar to shungite stone does not possess such properties.

To verify it you need a lamp, 9-volt battery and two wires. Connect them in series - the lamp should light up. If it is not lit, it means that there is not a Shungit in your hands. Better to get rid of it.

Now you know how to check Shungit and how to buy a quality Shungit.

Well, would like to add that in our site you will find the maximum allowable lower price on the Shungit for water and other products for your health.

You should go to the Products, choose the items which are interesting to you with full confidence that they will bring you a favor!


Yours, OOO "Intalia Company"