Cosmetics SHUNGIT "Natural Pharmacy"


Cosmetic series "Shungite"

Gifts of Nature - the best that exists in the modern world to maintain the beauty and health. Useful properties of herbs, fruits, stones have been known since ancient times: it is no wonder people are using them to treat disease and improve the overall condition of the body.

Shungite - a mineral in which healing effects are convinced again and again. It is a versatile tool in the fight against illnesses - cleanses, promotes healing of the body, treats. Accepted a bath with shungite, schungite pebbles for massage, water, infused with Shungite - all this has unique healing properties.
These characteristics have made it possible to create mineral Russian manufacturer of cosmetics series of the same name "Shungite". This line of products presented shampoos, hair masks, creams pyr and feet, soaps and bubble baths. All of these tools have been developed by the manufacturer on the basis of unique recipes. Their main component - schungite powder. The line of shampoos and masks for hair will significantly reduce hair loss, enhance growth and strengthen the roots and improves blood circulation. A wide choice of wellness and preventive action creams also present in the "Shungite" series. They will help to get rid of bruises and injuries, will have a positive effect on the healing process of the joints, get rid of sciatica, osteoarthritis, gout. Moreover, in a series of cosmetic products presented for face: tonics, gels, sprays. All of these tools are incredibly gently cleanse the skin and moisturize it, making it supple and incredibly soft to the touch. The composition of the products do not contain fragrances, dyes and other chemical additives. It makes use of means ideal for people who are prone to allergies and skin irritations.
The variety of useful properties of natural mineral shungite is used by manufacturers of cosmetics line of the same name in different products, has beneficial effects on the joints, skin, hair. If you want to keep and maintain their health and beauty, then be sure to get money in this series. They are completely natural, but in spite of this, in terms of cost available. It was believed that cosmetic products for body care and hair care expensive? The line "Shungite" refutes this by providing a wide range of products with a wide range of healing properties at a very affordable price.