A ward of elite shungit

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Вес: 25 gr

(A piece of elite  shungite - 10 grams in a suede pouch-sling)

Ward of this type of shungite, in the opinion of extrasenses, has the strongest energy, harmonizes the human biofield, protects from damage and the evil eye.
This same stone can be used for the preparation of schungite water, which is obtained mineralized, clean and healthy because of the content in shungite fullerenes (a special form of carbon, for the discovery of which, the scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize. Fullerenes are capable of neutralizing viruses and dangerous cells possess, have a strong antioxidant action). Just put a stone in a glass of water for  a day - the next day you can drink  this water  knowing that it is replete with fullerenes and energetically structured. This stone protects from electromagnetic effects of household appliances, telephones, enhancing the natural human biofield.