Feng Shui activator of water

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Вес: 200 gr
The set consists of five balls diameter 3.5 cm, flax gift bag.

As it is well known to anyone who interested in Feng Shui (and actively use this knowledge to improve their lives and bringing into it all sorts of good luck) the north part of the house is responsible  for financial success, advancement through the ranks, travelings. The elements that increase the energy of this sector  is a  Water. The colors - black, white, and blue. The number  is  5. Forms - a ball and a circle.

Put the Shungite balls into  the water  in the northern part of your house or apartment. The combination of black - powerful in its force schungite balls, in the water, in quantitie of 5 pieces will be a good help to your career growth and assist in the promotion, increase revenue, obtaining a desired job or position! After a very short time you will be surprised how things will be changed for the better way! There will appear entirely new financial and career opportunities. You also begin to travel more!

And the water, which is infused on  healing schungite balls is very rich in minerals, decontaminated, energetically structured and will be useful to you as a tonic! Save it and use for the  good way!
Let the good luck and health will be with you!