Set of 9 pcs. flat tumbling

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Размер: 45х34х7 mm
Вес: 170 gr


1 lot- 9 flat oval stones of approximately the same shape 

size approximately 45 X 34 Х 7 мм / 1,77" Х 1,33" Х 0,27" 

The total weight is about 170 grams. / 0,37 lb 

Various applications of shungite tumbling:  

- Massage of individual parts of the body.  

- Applying the mineral to the sore spots.  

Blank for making souvenirs, for engraving or drawing,  

       blank for a pendant or keyring. 

- Purification and mineralization of water.  

- Protection from electromagnetic radiation.  

You will receive a parcel with 100% natural shungite stone.  

The product may differ slightly in shape and weight from what is shown in the photo. 

                  Stone therapy is a special massage technique with the use of natural stones, based on ancient rituals and

 oriental medicine.  Exclusive massage technique with the use of shungite rocks has a beneficial effect on the human body.


                 Shungite was mined on the industrial quarry of the Zazheginsky deposit and processed on professional