Rods 110 мм (shungite + copper) -talochlorite

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Размер: 110х28 mm
Вес: 370 gr

The length is 110 mm. Diameter 28 mm.


The company "Intale", has developed a completely new, unique method of enhancing the action of the wands of harmonizers on the human body. We added copper to the shungite rod and now copper ions and shungite carbon interact and enhance the effect of each other. Much has been written about the benefits of schungite on our website. Below in this article we introduce you to the benefits of copper.

Cylindrical harmonizers are also called Pharaoh's cylinders. They are a powerful means of recharging, achieving harmony of body and spirit. Bioenergetics consider the cylinders of Pharaoh as two energy pillars: Yin (left) and Yang (right). These pillars receive energy, cleansing the body, which also strengthens the human aura - its protective, invisible to the simple eye, field. One of the leading mechanisms of mineral cylinders is the energy-information impact on the body through the active biological points of the hands. And the hands are the most important microsystems of the body, in which all organs and systems of the body are represented in miniature.

The Iya shungite (black) (copper-coated) cylinder must be held in the left hand, and the yan of talc-chlorite (tulikivi) (dark green) - in the right. During the session, sitting in a relaxed position, without crossing the legs, you need to put both hands with cylinders pressed into them on their knees and keep them parallel to each other. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to close your eyes, to distract from all thoughts, focusing entirely on your feelings. The duration of the procedure is individual. It should start with 3 - 5 minutes, gradually bringing to 10 - 15 minutes. The effect of "recharging" and harmonization persists for about two days.

It is recommended to use the cylinders twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) for two weeks, followed by a break for a month.

Caution should be used for people with acute heart disease (heart attack, angina), stroke, suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders, high degree of hypertension, acute infectious diseases and pregnant women (in the later stages).

Everyone knows that copper contains food and water, but many have a problem with the absorption of copper. There are people in whom the body is poorly absorbed by copper, it is they who, by the way, will come copper-schungite harmonizers, from which the body will receive the necessary amount of this vital element. Copper ions from harmonizers penetrate the body through the skin. From this on the skin appears the so-called "copper green", which is easily washed off with plain water and soap.

The beneficial effects of copper products are proven by science and are widely used in medical practice. Copper is used in many medical preparations and products. Studying the properties of copper, scientists found that copper affects the metabolic processes in the human body, a high concentration of copper elements is observed in the brain, liver and kidneys, and even in the heart. Copper acts on the endocrine glands, is actively involved in anabolic processes in the body, using it to form pigments of hair, eyes and skin.

Copper participates in the formation of blood, thanks to copper leukocytes are actively formed, the blood is better saturated with oxygen. This metal increases bone strength, reduces the effects of free radicals. Copper salts formed in the body, destroy bacteria, fungi and even some viruses. Copper boosts immunity, stimulates the body to fight against various infections and diseases. Copper is undoubtedly one of the most important elements for the human body, it is not necessary to deny its beneficial effects on the body.

Each person on average contains up to 11–25 micromol of copper per liter of plasma. If there is not enough copper in the blood, this can lead to serious illnesses. Our body is not able to produce copper, so you need to get it from food, observing the daily need: 2-5 mg of copper.