Trikvetr Pendant

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Размер: diameter 32 mm
Вес: 8 gr

 Laser engraving.

   Ancient ornamental and sacral symbol of the peoples of central and northern Europe. Given the neutrality of the characters as such, it is worth noting that the modern scope is significantly different from the original. In the Bronze Age, the trikvetr was one of the symbols of the movement of the Sun, personifying the main points of the star (respectively, at sunrise, at the zenith and at sunset). Assumptions were made about the connection of the symbol with the lunar phases and the renewal of life. The sign was very common among the northern peoples of Europe - the Celts, Frisians, Scandinavians. In particular, the sign is present on Celtic crosses, where it is believed to symbolize the triad and is a symbol of the sea god Manannan. In the Scandinavian and Teutonic symbolism, the sign is associated with the Thor.

   In addition, the symbol is present in ancient Russian applied art. Two identical silver bivalve massive bracelets of the 12th century, found walled up in the wall of the Savior Cathedral in Chernigov, found in 1923, on the central medallion on each casement there is a sign of fire - triquestrum; the closed position of the lion and the lioness in contact with each other. In this one can see the expression of the masculine and feminine principle, and in the fire triquestre - the symbol of the hearth.