About us

Since 2003, LLC Kompaniya Intalia has been manufacturing products from the most useful mineral on earth - shungite from the Zazhoginsky deposit. A production facility with a wide range of products has been created in the city of Petrozavodsk. We have an excellent team that has been formed over the years: highly qualified and unique stone craftsmen, responsive consultants, ready to provide you with all the information you need and help with the purchase process.

Our company's products are supplied throughout Russia and far beyond its borders. On our website you can find out a lot of interesting information about Shungite stone, how and where to use it, why it is useful, how to distinguish it from a fake and much more. We sincerely hope that our products will be interesting and useful to you!


LLC Kompaniya Intalia is a regular participant in exhibitions, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Intaliya (derived from the Italian word intaglio - carving), a small precious or semi-precious carved stone (gem) with an in-depth image. They served mainly as seals. Appeared in the 4th millennium BC in the countries of the Ancient East, became widespread during the period of antiquity.

Please contact us by email: info@shungitewholesale.com


Best regards,
CEO of LLC Kompaniya Intalia,
Maksim Mashin