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Nature generously endowed the Karelian region with a rare and amazing stone that had a number of exceptional features. Shungite is a real miracle, which we would like to share with you with great pleasure.

Our company has been producing and selling products from high-quality material - shungite - for more than 20 years. On our website you will find many useful articles about shungite and learn about how real shungite differs from fake one, and how you can use shungite products. We explain to you about the healing properties of this mineral, and what disease can be treated with its help.


Product Catalog

You can familiarize yourself with the range of our shungite products on our website shungitewholesale.com. The catalog includes many subsections: pyramids, balls, stands, eggs, jewelry, pendants, key chains, costume jewelry, harmonizers, pellets, figurines, figurines, protective plates for cell phones and much, much more.



By purchasing shungite products from us wholesale, you can get significant discounts. We have a special discount system for wholesale customers:

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    • 15% off orders over $200

To place a wholesale order, you can go to the website shungitewholesale.com, discounts are applied automatically.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email info@shungitewholesale.com. Our wholesale sales managers can prepare for you a personal calculation of your order.


About Shungite

Karelian shungite is the only type of shungite on the planet that is mined in a quarry on an industrial scale. As a rule, shungite is a mineral of black, ash or gray color and similar shades. There may be inclusions of pyrite, which gives a golden color, and quartz, which gives shungite a white color.

In the esoteric environment, shungite is considered a stone that protects its owner from the evil eye and damage. Both, in fact, are a consequence of a violation of the shell of a person’s biofield as a result of targeted influence on the part of another person or as a result of unconscious and uncontrollable actions by him. Shungite amulets and amulets are designed to protect the wearer from the evil eye.


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